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    November 13, 2020 by

    Introductory Statement There is no greater evolutionary force in Creation than the karmic law of cause and effect. As the primary means by which souls evolve through all dimensions of apparent time-space, it is the prime mover in soul progression across all realms of incarnation.  It is itself a consequence and derivative of the grand… Read more


    November 11, 2020 by

    If we are to observe the evolutionary trajectories of the past 2,000 years for technology, science, economics, medicine, and most other categories of human effort, we would see that technological progress flew upward like rocket, especially over the past 100 years. Only in categories related to human emotion will we see relatively flat lines and,… Read more


    November 9, 2020 by

    I. INTRODUCTION Understandably, we who seek love/wisdom (both personally and collectively) lament the perpetual darkness of Earth’s global culture. Endless warfare, institutional corruption and deceit, vast socioeconomic injustice, education and media folly, mind control commercialism and discord in family relations — all such common features of human society cause Wanderers and all who care great… Read more


    November 6, 2020 by

    The constellation of the Pleiades (Messier 45) is an open cluster of stars. It is one of the closest objects to our planet that can be seen with the naked eye. The Pleiades are located in the constellation Taurus and are clearly visible in winter in the northern hemisphere and in summer in the southern… Read more


    November 2, 2020 by

    The Chinese practice of feng shui teaches a person to exist in harmony with the mysterious energy of Qi. Modern science sometimes denies its existence, while the ancient peoples sincerely believed in it and tried to use it to achieve happiness, health, and wealth. Let’s try to understand the definition of the word “qi”. This… Read more


    October 31, 2020 by

    For thousands of years, people have wanted to cross the threshold of secrecy and find out what is hidden on the other side of reality. How to get to another world? There is no final answer to this question, but it is simply impossible to close our eyes to the huge amount of facts, testimonies… Read more


    August 26, 2020 by

    written by ♾ INFINITY Maria G 26.08.2020


    August 20, 2020 by

    Spiritual love ( Priti ) means love without expectation of reciprocity. Usually when a person loves someone, he expects reciprocity and believes that this is conditional. However, spiritual love is not conditioned by anything, whatever the circumstances. This form of love is divine and it arises only as a result of long-term spiritual practice, when… Read more


    August 17, 2020 by

    The Earth as a microcosm reflects what is happening in certain layers of the Macrocosm, where the minimum amount of dark forces designed to stimulate Development, has grown into a powerful structure that has seized control for eons of years. The struggle between the forces of Light and darkness began at the time of Atlantis.… Read more


    August 15, 2020 by

    “When the last clock stops ticking on Earth, only then my heart will stop beating for you”To my Everlasting Love…. If you aren’t here, If I am not there,The life feels like a darkness and endless nighmare. Forgive me for waiting, forgive me for flare, I’m grateful for best of the time we did share.… Read more


    April 21, 2020 by

    The most powerful mental states create a powerful surge of energy, which always remains attached to its creator. This energy cannot be resolved by itself. It can be neutralized by other mental states no less powerful, but completely opposite in quality. For example, anger or hatred in relation to someone or some situation can be… Read more


    March 22, 2020 by

    WE NEED THIS KIND OF LOVE WHEN LOVE GOES BEYOND FEELINGS : YOU DESERVE SOMEONE who does not only makes you feel better, but makes you want to be better. He supports you and your goal. He’d listen to your blabber about your studies like it’s the interesting topic in the world. When you’re about… Read more


    March 8, 2020 by

    If I could say whatever s in my heart, eternity won’t be enough. With pleas and hopes, longing for you, my life slowly passes in despare. At cold nights I look at the stars awaiting for you to come closer.So close that I finally will feel your energies, which are dear and native to my… Read more


    March 8, 2020 by

    Love knows no rulesLove requires nothing in returnLove does not compare or evaluateLove does not expect and does not ask…. She gives and gives. In Love there is no freedom for the ego – this is sweet slavery, fragrant captivity,But it is this that is true freedom,Freedom from the “I”. All other forms of freedom… Read more


    March 8, 2020 by

    I believe that In the Primordial Space of Existence “I AM” there is no believer, but there is only Unlimited, all-encompassing, Omnipotent space of the majestic Being and awareness, Full of inexpressible bliss. I believe that Primordial Being, sparkling awareness, Full of divine grandeur is located Beyond the dual categories Generated by the mind, such… Read more


    March 7, 2020 by

    The truth of samsara, this material WORLD, is to lead people along the illusory path of the ego, sensual pleasures and samsara values, giving them experience of both pleasure and suffering, to give the soul a good and bad EXPERIENCE, preparing her for the Path of Liberation. The truth of the Absolute is to be… Read more


    February 21, 2020 by

    How many of them fell into this abyss,Revealed in the distance!The day will come when I will disappearFrom the surface of the earth. Everything that sang and fought willshine , It shone and was torn.And the green of my eyes, and a gentle voice,And the gold of my hair. And there will be life with its daily… Read more


    December 28, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation. The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated – cast… Read more


    December 25, 2019 by

    A person, as we know him, is enclosed in his superficial individual consciousness and cognizes the world (or, rather, its external side) only with his external mind and sensory organs, interpreting the data that they, interacting with the world, provide him. Cosmic consciousness is a consciousness in which the boundaries of the ego, individual mind… Read more


    December 22, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION Many researchers today believe that our Universe is one huge hologram, that is, a three-dimensional structure formed by adding and subtracting energy waves when they intersect in space. This concept was put forward as far back as 1976 by theoretical physicist D. Bohm and neurophysiologist K. Pribram. HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSEIn technology, a topographic image is… Read more


    December 22, 2019 by

    The biggest epidemic now on Earth is an epidemic of self-hatred. Absolutely every person has this grain of self-hatred. The word “hate” is unpleasant and very often we replace it with the word “low self-esteem”.The natural state of soul is LOVE, thus negativity in relation to oneself can be considered as directly opposite to initial… Read more


    December 19, 2019 by

    In Greek the word persona means a MASK. So the person literally can be understood as a mask. Metaphysically the person is mind /body/spirit complex, 3 energy fields with many subdivisions , 7 Chakras, subplanes and energy connections; it is a form of energy consciousness that has sense of self and patterns of mind. Personal psychology… Read more


    December 11, 2019 by

    There are two approaches to personal transformation. One is Energy and the other one is Consciousness. And in some traditions of metaphysics it is said that there are two threads that are connecting our manifest (body/mind/spirit complex) with Higher Self and higher dimensions. There is a Life thread and the Consciousness Thread. Life thread is… Read more


    November 28, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTIONWe call for universal guidance and help of transformation sometimes quite often, even daily, intentionally or unintentionally. The purposes of contacting the unseen world can be very different 1 – To Find and make the right decisions 2 – To Control what is happening 3 – To Find out possible events coming 4 – To… Read more


    November 18, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION We  know that the human brain generates electricity as a result of the interaction of chemicals, water and the metals of which it consists. The same thing happens with the rest of the body, as the blood, flowing through the arteries and veins, carries all these substances. The whole body is electrified. Obviously, this… Read more


    November 17, 2019 by

    The  human body is made up of many molecules, and if a microscopic creature, such as a virus, sees it in this way, then we must also consider the human body as a collection of chemicals.Under certain specific conditions, metals, carbon, and chemicals react with each other to form electricity. There is no electricity in… Read more


    November 16, 2019 by

    Before attempting to understand the nature of Higher Self, we must be sure that we understand human nature well. What is life? In truth, all that exists is “life.” Even a creature considered dead is in “life.” A normal life form may disappear in what we call “death,” but with the cessation of physical life,… Read more


    November 10, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION To expand your consciousness means to consciously pave the way from your three-dimensional consciousness that governs your daily life to an expanded higher-dimensional consciousness. It is important to understand that: The experience of expanding consciousness (including the very first) is difficult to predict and describe in words.But as soon as this happens, you literally… Read more


    November 8, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION We are meeting different people in life. Some are blessings for us and we wish to keep them closer. Some are bringing unpleasant intuitive feelings, putting mind in kind of alerted state. Your Intuition never lies. You can distinguish which relationship will be beneficial for your growth, which people most probably is better to… Read more


    November 6, 2019 by

    WETIKO, THE “VIRUS” OF EGOISM According to Native Americans, Wetiko is a bad spirit that usually invades a person’s consciousness . This is a “virus” of egoism, a psychic pathogen that causes a person to feed on his needs, such as a hungry creature that is never satisfied. This presence leads us to some kind… Read more


    November 5, 2019 by

    The achievements of the ancient Taoists in the art of prolonging life are undeniable. They created the best health system of all time. Their achievements did not disappear in the shaky depths of centuries. Nothing prevents us from applying their experience and knowledge in our time Motions The main factor limiting life expectancy is the… Read more

  • Halloween – Treating my ghosts with Music

    October 31, 2019 by

    The celebration of Halloween shares the roots of “Samhain” (pronounced as sow-in), a 2000-year-old Celtic festival dedicated to remember the dead. According to the Celts, October 31 and November 1st are days that “earth being the closest to the spirit’s world”. Throughout time, the festival has evolved itself, from being Christianized by early Churches, to… Read more


    October 26, 2019 by

    The heart is the true lever of all great things  Ludwig van Beethoven From time immemorial, the heart is considered the source and repository of love , inner wisdom , deep morality. People who follow the path of spiritual growth know this truth and learn to live by heart. To do this, the heart chakra… Read more


    October 24, 2019 by

    Our thoughts and emotions are nothing more than the subtlest form of energy that we generate in the surrounding space. Hatred, love, envy, gratitude – all this is a certain level of vibration with certain characteristics. Thoughts and emotions: the subtlest form of energy Each cell and organ of our body has its own frequency.… Read more


    October 22, 2019 by

    On Earth, the process of another form of development, another form of energy movement, namely, spherical, began The spherical word refers to the spherical worldview, and the spherical consciousness, and the spherical form of development, and the spherical movement. All this relates, namely, to the development of the Soul of man, and not only to… Read more


    October 20, 2019 by

    The Law of One Material I have discovered for myself the “Law of One Material” in 2012 December after the series of events which had brought me to the spiritual awakening. Sometimes we can not comprehend immediately why certain circumstances happen in our life, or why particular people appear on our path, or how our questions,… Read more


    October 18, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION Infinity is an abstract concept used to describe something that is endless or boundless. It is important in mathematics, cosmology, physics, computing, esoteric studies and the arts. In modern science, the image of this sign is associated with works of the English mathematician John Wallis , who first introduced the infinity symbol into widespread… Read more


    October 13, 2019 by

    The sages in ancient texts explain that there is a central path of the soul – the path of love to a higher source. And there are two deviations as we leave this central road of life. ~One way is the most common. Primrose path. When we become attached in this world to the joys… Read more

  • The Mystery of NUMBER 7

    October 10, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION Scientists from the Institute of Nonlinear Science in California (BioCircuits Institute at the University of California, Institute for Nonlinear Science) in the course of their research came to the conclusion that the number 7 has a certain magical meaning for the brain. According to experts, the seven is a kind of equivalent to the… Read more

  • Knowing about After-life may lead to World Peace

    October 10, 2019 by

    In the current world, people’s viewpoint about the after-life is still divided and scattered. Each person may have unique interpretation relying on one’s personal experience, educational background and faith. Some people may not believe in after-life at all, and consider that one’s physical life on earth is their sole experience of survival. Others may believe… Read more


    October 10, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION Representatives of eastern medicine believe that the human body has a special system that connects the upper and lower parts of the body, as well as internal solid and hollow organs using energy channels. A person’s energy channels are not blood vessels or nerves, but something more, invisible to the ordinary eye, but which… Read more

  • The Door to your Past Life

    October 8, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION Regressive Hypnosis  combines 2 concepts. Regression which is the Past.Hypnosis which  is a State of Trance, that is, an altered state of consciousness when our brain functions in an alpha rhythm (8-13 Hz). Hypnosis is also called the process of immersing one person by another in a trance state. Immersion in an altered state of oneself… Read more


    October 5, 2019 by

    INTRODUCTION According to one version, the idea of ​​the novel “Crimson Sails” arose during the walk of Alexander Green on the Neva River Embankment of St. Petersburg, Russia. Passing by one of the shops, the writer saw an incredibly beautiful girl. He looked at her for a long time, but did not dare to get… Read more


    September 30, 2019 by

    GENERAL OVERVIEW : Astral projection or Out Of Body experience can be defined as transfer of consciousness from the neuronal connections and fixed time-frame of the physical brain into the astral vehicle of consciousness, known as the Astral body. I am an Astral Traveler since 2013. Having high interest that time and eagerly wanted to… Read more


    September 25, 2019 by

    SPIRITUAL AWAKENING : The universe is a mirror of CONSCIOUSNESS. As people we live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. Meantime within man is but the the soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty, to which every parts and particles is equally related- with COSMIC CONSCIOUNESS and the eternal ONE.… Read more

  • “I FLY TO YOU”

    September 15, 2019 by

    I fly to you through the dark cold space, With only hope to embrace, to meet to ease my wild heart pace and justify my worthy chase. And every second of my dream is filled with thoughts of you alone. The cherished moments we beleived would never end, unless we’re home. But life is cruel,… Read more


    January 17, 2021 by

    OF LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS FOSTERING A STRONG COMMITMENT LOVE PLAYS AN INTRINSIC PARTS IN OUR LIVES. It not only affects our physical well-being, but also our mental and emotional health. While the world may look like a better place when you are in love, everything may seem bleak and gloomy after a bad break-up. FACTORS… Read more


    January 16, 2021 by

    THE IMPORTANCE AND VALUES OF ROMANCE LIVING A ROMANTIC LIVES ROMANCE HAS GOT TO BE ONE of the most fun and least executed activities in many relationships. With all the distractions we have in our busy lives, it seems many couples never find a time to be romantic—- but that love can lead to love’s… Read more

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